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January 20, 2010

I know that I already wrote a post today, but just a little while ago, I set Charlotte in her cradle so that I could prepare a load of laundry.  When I walked back inside (our laundry is in a detached garage), this is what I saw.  And I was pretty sure that if I went one more minute without sharing this picture, then I would split right down the middle.

Oof.  Just imagine the mess Donald would come home to if that happened!

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  1. By sarah on January 20, 2010

    how very sweet!

  2. By mommica on January 20, 2010

    On her way from baby to kiddo. Love to watch them play…

  3. By erin on January 20, 2010

    Hannah has a rattle like that, that is her absolute all-time favorite toy.  Charlotte’s little hands are too cute.  I bet you are nibbling on them right now. :)

  4. By Elly on January 20, 2010

    Oh, look at her go! I love that she’s happy to entertain herself, catching her unawares is so cute! Thanks for sharing, hey :)

  5. By sarah on January 20, 2010


  6. By Megan R. on January 20, 2010

    My little Peanut LOVES her rattle that is just like that….so fun to put in her mouth and move from hand to hand.  Such a fun age!  (well, outside of the teething part!)

    love it!

  7. By on January 20, 2010

    i wish there was a “like” button on here :)

  8. By Meg on January 20, 2010

    It’s so cute I can barely stand it!!!

    Gosh I can’t wait until our little one is here, only 8ish more weeks!





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