Two month check-up.
October 01, 2009

When we took Charlie to her two month check-up, I made sure that we packed the crappy point-and-shoot camera just in case.  I’m so glad we did because even though none of the photographs turned out to be award-winners, they were all such a happy surprise when I rediscovered the crappy point-and-shoot in a drawer a few days ago.

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  1. By erin on October 01, 2009

    Hey, your “crappy point-and-shoot” looks like my ONE AND ONLY camera!

  2. By Sarah A. Schlothan Christensen on October 01, 2009

    Erin - It’s crappy because at a kid’s birthday party a couple years ago, some punk pointed a squirt gun at it and let loose.  It was a great camera before that and I loved it to pieces, but now 95% of the photos are grainy and sometimes things don’t come out properly - there will be streaks across the image or a bright light image shows up instead of whatever I’m photographing, etc.  It’s phenomenally unreliable.

  3. By on October 01, 2009

    Your baby is just too cute for words!! all your pics of her a great!





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