February 09, 2009

At dinner, they sat down to eat
A dish with some noodles and meat
Then she suddenly made
A loud sound, I’m afraid
And her husband laughed at this feat

She apologized rather quickly, I think
For having made such a horrible stink
Yet her husband just chuckled
While her feathers got ruffled
And she turned a new color of pink

Then it happened again, OH WHY?!
The man snickered some more at his wife
But she still has his heart
Even though all her farts
Are the baseline smell of his life.

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February 06, 2009

© 2009 Helios Media, Inc.  Please click here to see this photograph on Flickr.

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Odin the Owl is the face of the Becoming Sarah.com literacy project.  The literacy project is called JUST READ!

You can place a button for Odin – in any of the below sizes – on just about any website.  Just copy and paste the HTML code that you see below the button you like.  If everything works, when you click your button, you should be directed to a category archive page on my website titled ODIN THE OWL.

Any posts that I make related to children’s books and pediatric literacy (including photographs of Charlotte at story time and the weekly review and giveaway) will be filed under that category.

I encourage all of you to spread the word.  Parent blogs reach millions of people every day.  If we work together, maybe we can get the parent blog world buzzing about children’s literature and story-times and library outings.  Maybe we will start to see more blog posts about reading.  And maybe, here at Becoming Sarah.com, we will be able to raise more money for literacy advocacy organizations and send more books into more homes by making these book reviews more popular.

That?  Right there?  That would be the best sort of peer pressure.

There are dozens of ways to spread the word.  Twitter.  Facebook.  Mentioning it to your local library.  E-mails.  Links.  Blog posts.  And, of course, adding an Odin button to your webpage or your outgoing e-mails.

Odin and I both really appreciate it.  Thank you.

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